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The General Robert C Newton Camp #197, Sons of Confederate Veterans, is a male-lineage heritage preservation group dedicated to saving the Southern history of Arkansas.  The Sons of Confederate Veterans was founded in 1896, as a direct heir to the United Confederate Veterans.  We are a historical, patriotic, and non-political organization, dedicated to ensuring that the true history of the War of 1861 to 1865, including what lead up to it and the difficult Reconstruction period afterward, are held in the true light of the time period.  The General Robert C Newton Camp was chartered on November 11, 1900, though the men who formed the Camp were actively working together to ensure Confederate veterans and their history were properly cared for as early as the late 1890s.


The first SCV Camp in Arkansas, the Hall S McConnell Camp #111, was chartered in 1896 at Clarksville.   The initial roster of Arkansas Camps included Jefferson Camp #134 in Pine Bluff, David O Dodd Camp #147 in Austin, W W Meriweather Camp #188 of Paragould, William E Moore Camp #194 of Helena, J R Norfleet Camp of Forrest City, and the Robert C Newton Camp #197 in the capital city.  The Newton Camp is the only remaining original camp.

With the disruptions of the World Wars and the passings of Confederate Veterans, membership declined and in 1948, there were only two Camps remaining in Arkansas, with a total membership of 58. One of those Camps still holding on was Newton #197.  By 1983, the Newton Camp of Little Rock was the only remaining active Camp in Arkansas.  Commander-In-Chief Charles H Smith, made it one of the goals of his administration to bring Arkansas back into the forefront of the SCV.  Commander Smith contacted all SCV members in Arkansas who did not have local Camps to join him and his staff in Little Rock.  There, the foundation of the modern-era SCV in Arkansas was laid out.  The State was divided into regions and members began recruiting for the

initiation of local Camps. 

Today, the Newton Camp is still the Oldest Active Camp in the Arkansas Division, the Oldest Continually Active Camp West of the Mississippi River, and One of the Oldest Sons of Confederate Veterans Camps in existence, period.

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SOMe of our heroes

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Honoring Our Heritage in Arkansas

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Thank you for visiting our website.  The General Robert C Newton Camp #197 has a proud legacy, over 120 years, of preserving the Southern history and heritage of Arkansas.  The founders of our Camp received the proverbial torch from real Confederate Veterans, making us custodians of their flags, their true history, their memories.  This Camp was instrumental in caring for Confederate veterans in their final years, and in the creation of the Arkansas Confederate Home, which cared for indigent veteran soldiers.  The Newton Camp has continually strived throughout its existence to bring honor and kind remembrance to those who have gone before us.  There is a real and awful war on the history of our State and the Southland.  One that we must fight each day.  If you can prove lineage to a Confederate soldier who served honorably and want to join the fight,  if you need help researching for a Confederate ancestor, or even if you don't have an ancestor in the War and just want to help preserve our history, we want to hear from you, as well!  Email us at 

We want to hear from you!

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